About Us

Love music, f♥ck hate.

Why do you love music? If it’s anything from heart-stoppingly heavy, adrenaline-soaked riffs, to sing-along energy and joy while a singer in white pants floats over your head, you’ve found your band.

Ex Ømerta was born out of the need for this primal connection. The song always comes first- the need to be understood, or feel understood. Looking at a room of people all feeling something, and seeing their energy reciprocated. “We wanted to write music that makes you feel invincible,” says guitarist Dale McIntyre about their debut self-titled album, released in July of 2019. “There’s something beautiful about these heavy, angry-sounding songs that juxtapose with lyrics about self-love (10/10), or longing (Romantic Horror). And even when we confront the uncomfortable, it’s empowering to make these songs sound like anthems to sing and mantras to repeat.”

Taking this primal connection and authenticity to the live show is paramount for the band. Drummer and frontman Scott Beattie says “Jack White was an early influence for me when it comes to Ex Ømerta; I watched a documentary following The White Stripes through a Canadian tour, and I just couldn’t believe the energy and authenticity radiating from the stage around him every night. The songs were so amazing too, how could anyone not want to be a part of that?”

Since forming in January of 2017, Ex Ømerta has quickly risen to prominence in the rock scene. From sharing the stage with fellow rockers One Bad Son, The Lazys, and The Wild!, to landing on your favourite Spotify playlists with their first release, Ex Ømerta is a band, and an energy, that won’t settle for any less than being in everyone’s face.

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